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Lillian T

“I want a life of joy, kindness, tolerance, a life that does not impose itself upon me.”   
 How did Lillian T, quietly elegant and pacific in her life, relationships, and business, create a viciously impassioned counterpoint who imposes a jarring perplexity, causing us to rethink values, re-examine the fabric of our social structures?  
Lillian Taylor, Esq. is a South Florida business woman.  After a decade at the helm of her organic cotton and hemp clothing line, she became general counsel to a venture capitalist, the trademark expert at the top IP firm in the United States, and an executive at world’s only Fortune 1 entity.  But her love is the art of expression. 
Lillian first appeared as a performing artist on television at the age of eight;  her artwork earned juried exhibition at the Denver museum of Art as a teenager; and she’s been at it ever since. Lillian’s writing credits include  “Soliloquy in Duet” a marriage of her poetry, choreography, and composition, a book of short stories titled A Few Perspectives: The Mermaid Chronicles from Expats Publishing, an Open Letter: A Dreadful Disappointment, multiple articles on science and the environment, as well as a number of classical and jazz musical compositions.    

Currently, an animated series Lillian is penning for children, The Shoten Zenjina, is in production.


  • 30July

    Film Carpet X The Awards

    • Sunday, July 30th - 7:00 PM
    • The Classic Gateway Theater 1820 E Sunrise Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
  • 8August

    Second Tuesday Night Salon: An Evening with Lillian Taylor

    • Tuesday, August 8 - 6:30 PM (CST)
    • The Gathering, 116 S. First St, Rogers, AR 72756
  • 1October

    Development, Distribution, & Legalities - Creating a Project for Success

    • Friday, September 15 - 7:00 PM
    • Rooftop At E11EVEN, 15 NE 11th St., Miami, FL


After reading Krymea River, I’ve given up on the idea of becoming a writer.  Lillian has such a way with words, I couldn’t compete. Wouldn’t even try.  I’ll definitely read the next one.” 

John Masterson [SVP – Challenger, Gray & Christmas]

“It reads like a movie.  You can’t help but visualize what’s going on.  It’s very exciting, and very gory.  I like gory.”

Myra Moran [Proprieter, Trolley Line Bookshop]
"Overwhelming, brilliant, terrifying. The extraordinary Dostoyevskiian writing of this extraordinary woman offers us both insight into the nature of our fallen world and a slim hope of Redemption if we awaken not too late!"  
Dr. Linnea Pearson
Like Hemmingway - straight to the point...
Murray Revett

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“I kill. That’s what I do when someone deserves to die. And what’s so wrong with that? We execute for the sake of our safety from the incorrigible, go to war when it fulfills public policy. If you had the privilege of being raised like me, got to understand life from the perspective of innocent pray with an inside track into the camp of the those who hunt us for profit, power, and sport, would you take them out too? Let me introduce you to my world. Then you decide. Is it murder? Or is it justice?“

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